Growing up, I watched Debbie Allen and knew I was made to be a dancer. I wanted to express myself through the various dance genres, while celebrating culture, like what I saw from Alvin Ailey’s American Dance Theater. With enough determination and practice, I could perform on SoulTrain, audition for Solid Gold, or one day own a nightclub that centered upon collaboration.

At fifteen years old, I believed my natural ability and passion for the art would take me far. I was on my way to pursuing my ambitions to dance professionally when I was accepted into Arts Magnet in Dallas, Texas. My whole life changed that summer when I broke my back. After the accident, I never explored the possibility of dancing professionally again. I didn’t know at the time that my heart broke too, and it would take years until I felt confident to dream again.

Pain has proven to be no match for a heart full of passion. I’m no longer willing to let my dreams linger in the shadows. Even through the pain of physical injury, broken dreams, and discouraging words from family, I am still standing, and ready to put on my best dance shoes. I’m here to create, share and collaborate with others who share my passion for this art. Urban DanceScapes was born out of pain, and I believe can be used as a way of showing us all just how brilliant and strong we are. It’s our story. 

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